About the Middle East Mix Up


The Middle East Mix Up will be used to post writings that show the connection between U.S. foreign policy and wars overseas, primarily in the Middle East and South Asia, and the war on civil rights and civil liberties here at home. It will also be used to confront the stereotypes that create a wall, either physical or psychological, between people hindering their ability to understand one another and to create peace.

Much of this writing is informed by the author’s international travels to Afghanistan, Tunisia, Palestine, Israel, Ukraine, Russia and Japan and an on-going connection to people from these countries who are all working, either on their own domestically or together with others internationally to create a more just and peaceful world.

While the title draws attention to the Middle East, this blog will sometimes discuss people and places impacted by the wars in the Middle East and also include stories from other parts of the world that impact on the Middle East. It is this author’s belief that the problems of the Middle East must be solved and a just peace in place before violence throughout the rest of the world will cease.


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